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Aromatherapy massage - back 25mins 200
Aromatherapy massage 55mins - body&head 350
Aromatherapy massage 80mins - body&head&face 395
Feet massage 25min 150
De-stress back massage 40mins 260
Muscle release massage 60mins 450
Muscle release massage 90min 560
Body scrub 25mins 180
Body treatment 60mins - scrub&care * 350
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FACE Price (pln)
Face & Head massage 25mins 180
Face & Head massage 40mins 200
Head massage 25mins 150
Mesotherapy needle free 55mins 340
Facial treatment by Skin Science 55mins 320
Express facial 40mins 260
Lifting facial massage 60mins 320
Lifting facial massage with back massage 80mins 380
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Aromatherapy body & face massage 55mins* 350
Beauty Mum 120mins * 500
* Treatments performed from the 14-week of pregnancy to 7-months, 6-weeks after natural childbirth and 12-weeks after cesarean.
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SPA FOR CANCER Price (pln)
Calm & Relax 60mins 250
Butterfly touch 90mins 300
Inner Strength 90mins 350
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PACKAGES Price (pln)
Luxury 150mins 1per. 760
Luxury 150mins 2per. 1400
Smooth foot 45mins 250
Urban Spa body treatment - body, face, head and body brush 85mins 395
Journey with sea buckthorn 90mins 1per. 450
Journey with sea buckthorn 90min 2per. 840
Packages 80mins 2people: facial + back massage 730
Day Spa: Awakening
Day Spa: Good day
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The pass is personal and is for one person.

Price (pln)
2 hours 120
1 hours 80
Day 200
Month 600
10-pass (for 3 months) 600
6-months 2300
Exclusive area: it is available outside the regular opening hours of the area. Offer details, "services" tab

Regulation of the Minister of Health of November 9, 2015 on the requirements to be met by water in swimming pools, Journal of Laws of December 2, 2015, item 2016
The water meets the criteria adopted in the above-mentioned regulations. The State Poviat Sanitary Inspector in Gdańsk, in accordance with the annual assessment for 2020, states that the water quality at the swimming pool at the Hilton Hotel at 1 Targ Rybny Street in Gdańsk did not pose a threat to the health of bathers and meets the required parameters.
Opening hours  9:30-21:00

Opening hours 9:30-21:00